10 Ways In Which Parents Trolled Their Children’s Life In The Best Possible Way

Life is hard for each one of us, as everyone has their own set of troubles, but it can be made simple with a combination of wit and humor. The hard times are inevitable and to get through them, we all can use a good laugh as they tend to pass easily with laughable stocks around. A sense of humor is a major defense against minor troubles. Hence, having a good sense of humor never hurts, at least to the person who has it, but with time it might get harder for people to maintain their drollness. But these parents are going to prove you wrong with their witty outbursts.

Well, this dad doesn’t really care about the moth

That’s one hell of a parent, teaching our child to deal with his/her problems by themselves. This was downright funny; we wish you all the luck to deal with the moth and your dad. They both seem equally hard to deal with.


Evil thing to do, dad

It surely is evil, but at the same time it is funny. That’s one way of dealing with nightmares, seeing them in real. Are parents allowed to be so evil and funny at the same time?


That’s one really mean gift

Parents always get a way to tick their innocent ones off, but this one topped the list. It’s not unusual for a parent not gifting what their child wants. But this just sends the message that you are never going to get one from us, pal.


That’s one special birthday cake

The natural parent instinct for parents to know about our friends is normal. But this is one hilariously creative way of asking the question. Don’t know who’d be happier cutting the cake, the boy or the special friend?


Hands down the best dad ever

We all have fallen in love with this dad; it’s probably the best thing ever to do. We wonder what mom’s got to say now.


Still not getting over Nokia

Now, that’s a rebellious dad.


Guess who’s never forgetting his stuff home?

As the name on the bag read, Ryan forgot his stuff at home and his father dropped the stuff at his college. If the dad did this on purpose, he is the meanest dad ever. Ryan for sure is never asking his dad to drop by his stuff.


Dad with the strongest selfie game ever

It’s always fun to teach your parents about the technology but it gets better when they start using it. Nobody from our generation could even think of going so crazy for a selfie. But it’s totally worth the craziness; we all would love to have our dad send crazy selfies like this to us.


Because we all love birthday surprises

Seriously what’s with parents and their gifting tricks, they sure are innovative but they’re extremely unkind. That’s a very pleasant and thoughtful surprise and it surely would be remembered for eternity.


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