8 Crazy iPhone Accessories That Would Blow Your Mind..Or Creep You Out!

There is no end to the crazy things that keep coming in the market every single day. There is a plethora of whacky iPhone accessories that have entered the domain. These uber cool accessories make a different statement and are perfect for people who like unusual and unique things.

#1 The umbilical cord iPhone charger

This creepy iPhone charger resembles a human umbilical cord. It was created by Mio I-zawz as a representation of the ever-growing human attachment to technology. Not only does the charger look real by being fleshy and life-like, it also quivers and shakes like a real umbilical cord. It is available to consumers at Etsy for about $5,268 dollars, expensive but worth it.

#2 Dancing Pet Speaker

These adorable looking devices can be plugged into your phone using an auxiliary cord to play music. Everything about it is normal except for the fact that the soft pet speakers dance along with you. It could be a perfect gift for kids with only one downside to it, i.e. the movements are not crisp and may look wonky.

#3 Lady’s hand iPhone case

The Hamee Original Dokkiri Hand Case is basically a standard black iPhone case that has a realistic lady’s hand attached to it at the back. During calls when you hold the phone and the case, it feels like you are holding another person’s hand. It can also be used to hold candles, make-up, etc. The case comes in different hand models depending on the preferences.

#4 Hana iPhone case

Hana translates into nose which is sculpted at the back of the silicon phone cover. It seems like a great piece of art to carry. Moreover, the two nostrils can be essentially used to hold your fingers while clicking a selfie or video calling.

#5 ‘As-Seen-On-Tv’ Hat

You insert your iPhone at the end of the flap of the hat to watch hands-free movies or play video games in public areas like the parks, airports, etc.

#6 The Power Flask

The Power Flask is a discrete portable charger. It is compact and cool which would not make you look like a nerd carrying around spare batteries, but a barely functional alcoholic. It can charge up to three devices at a time, two USB plugs and has a battery backup of about 10 hours.

#7 Bathroom iPhone case

This case is the best case to prove to people that you enjoy being a weirdo with a perverted mind. It is a rubber case which has a cartoon-y woman bathing in a tub with rose petals floating around. The lady’s head can be used as a stand for the phone.

#8 The Yellow Jacket

The case is equipped with a stun gun that can produce a shock of 650,000 volts, which is enough voltage to hurt you pretty badly but not kill you. The case protects the phone really well and also charges it at the same time.

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